Bovada Classic Slots

3 reel slots, which are also known as Classic Slots are the foundation of the whole slot game industry. These machines are also known as one armed bandits. Back in the days, they were played by an arm on the side of the slot machine. Nowadays, a simple button is used for the same function. However, there are still a bunch of slot machines, using bandit in addition to the button. This is mostly because there are many people, that enjoy old-school things, same goes for slots.

Classic Slots

All classical slots feature a currency validator unless your playing slots online. This validator reads and validates the money inserted. Classical slots, also known as fruit machines, pays players based on patterns made by visible symbols. Patterns and randomness is created by a modern mathematical computer technology.

Classic Slots at Bovada have an average payout of 97.2%. With over 213 classic slots Bovada is the place to play online from the USA. Visit Bovada Now.

Classic Slots History

It’s said that first slot machine ever was invented by Charles Fey. A man from the US. Some sources say that it was invented in 1887. While others believe that it was in 1895. The First slot machine was called ”The Liberty Bell” and featured 3 reels and 5 symbols. The symbols were diamonds, spades, hearts, horseshoes and Liberty Bell. This is the reason for name given to the machine. Fey invented automatic payout mechanism, which was able to automatically read and award winning combinations. Three bells worked somewhat similar to the ”Wild” symbol and awarded the largest payout in the game.

The Liberty Bell slot became so popular, that Charles couldn’t provide enough of them. Thus, they were started being copied by the huge manufacturers. By 1908 there were many similar ”bells” machines installed in most social places, such as bars, shops, saloons and in other locations.

You can still find the very first, original Liberty Bell slot machine in the Liberty Belle Saloon & Restaurant, which is located in Reno, Nevada.

Slot Payout Percentages and House Edge

As you likely know, each slot in every casino features an edge against the player. This is also called and known as the house edge. Using a Bovada Bonus Code will help lower the house edge. House edge differs between online slots and live ones, it also differs per jurisdiction and is commonly established by a law.

Land based casino’s feature a house edge of between 75 and 95%. While online slots at Bovada Casino are usually more rewarding. The operating costs are lower. Online Casino’s feature a house edge of 93% – 95% on average.

What does these percentages mean for you as a player?

Well, if the house edge is 95%, for example, you will loose $5 for every $100 wagered in that particular slot. Take into account, that this is a long term edge and you won’t loose $5 every time you spin the slot for $100.

As a rule of thumb in casino games and in general, the lower the house edge is, the larger variance will be experienced. If the house edge is 1% or less, you’ll experience huge wins and small losses, while with an edge of 25% you will loose cash at a more steady rate!

Slots / Casino$2000SLOTS500Claim Bonus
Table Games$1000GAMES250Claim Bonus
Mobile$10 NDN/AClaim Bonus
Poker$1100N/AClaim Bonus
Sports$250None NeededClaim Bonus