Playing the slot machines is essentially composed of two factors – the credit /coin size and the number of paylines. However, what's the best strategy for playing slot machines when it comes to basic wagering logic?

For example, some games may offer a maximum of 5 coin gaming and 5 paylines, so if you played 5 x 1.00 coins over 5 lines, your spin value would total 5 x 0.10 = 0.50. Alternatively, you could play the whole 0.50 on one payline.

The dilemma facing the average slot player (with a relatively low spin budget, unless you take a bonus using a code  like a Bovada Bonus Code to increase your bankroll) is whether to play a low pay line number with a relatively big stake, or activate every pay line and split the bet over the lines. For example, check out an example using a max spin value of 1.00:

• 1 line = 1.00 x 1 pay line
• 5 lines = 0.25 x 5 pay lines

Now, let's assume that we win a big 500 coin jackpot on pay line number 1 of our fictional slot machine:

With our 1.00 wager on pay line number 1, that would equate to a whopping 500.00. However, with the 0.25 stakes spread over all 5 lines, the other scenario would pay 500 x 0.25 = 125.00.

It's obvious that the 500.00 pay out would be preferable to a ‘mere' 125.00 – but it's not as simple as that. For example, if the winning combination struck on pay line number two, then with the 1.00 on line one, the payout would equal zero, but because we have 0.25 on line 2 – we'd still get the 125.00. In addition – it would be the same on winning spins on pay lines 2, 3, 4 and 5! In essence – out 1.00 is only any use to use assuming we can get the winning combination on the line!

In contrast, with a bet on every pay line, we win wherever the combo happens to strike. It's really a toss-up between a small chance of a relatively big pay out, against a significantly higher chance of winning, with a lower pay out potential. When the strike rate is factored in – most slot players tend to opt for the multiple pay line option.

Of course, the best of both scenarios would be to adopt a long-term aim of gradually building up your slot bank (using winnings) and developing the bankroll to use a spin value that maxes out the coin number and uses a bigger coin size; true hardcore slots players will max out both the coin number and size, but few players are that serious!

Probably the best idea to focus on is starting out by playing your preferred slot machines with the maximum coin number – you can then use the lowest coin number as a base, and increase the coin size if your slot spin limit is big enough to be comfortable playing at that level.

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