Bovada Roulette Odds and House Edge

The game of roulette is not one that you should approach with the intent of winning money on a consistent basis due to the Roulette Odds and House Edge. Every bet in the game of roulette holds a house edge over the player, even bigger then penny slots. While it’s possible to win money on the roulette table, most players over time will be losers at the game. Check out Some Online Roulette with Low House Edge

I’ll take a look at the odds that the online casino game offers the players. Then the true odds that the bets will have. The difference is the roulette house edge, and it can be very different depending on the bet.

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For single number bets there are 36 numbers on the table. The odds on hitting one of these bets will only pay you 35 to 1, instead of the true odds of 36-1. Furthermore there’s also a green number 0 on the table, so that makes the true odds 37-1.

That’s a house edge of 5.26%. So no matter what numbers hit, over time the online casino will make that percentage of all single bets as profit. The outside bets also give the house an edge over you. Betting on one of three number columns will pay you 2 to 1, but when you factor in the green zero spot the house edge on these bets is the same 5.26%.

Worst Roulette Odds and House Edge

The worst bet to make on the roulette table is betting on five numbers. Making a bet on the first five (five numbers) pays the winner 6 to 1. The probability of hitting this bet is only 13.16%. That equates to a house edge of 7.89%. This is much more than you should be giving up to the house. It’s best to stay away from this bet at all times, especially in games with two green spots on the table.

Knowing the odds for roulette gives you an idea how the game will slowly deplete your buy-in. That’s why it’s important to get out of a game where you have managed to win 50% of your buy-in or more. Staying in the game too long will certainly cost you some money. Wait for a big hit and get out with your cash.

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