A classic US online casino game has been refreshed and is now being released at online casinos. Tri Card Poker is immensely popular because of the speed of game-play. You put down your Ante, get three cards, and then choose to raise or fold. If you raise and beat the dealer’s qualifying hand, you win. It’s a quick and easy way to get in a few rounds of poker.

Since there are no opponents, you’re against a dealer, who follows a set of rules. To commit to the round, the dealer needs a qualifying hand, which is a minimum threshold that the dealer must meet in order to play the round. You wouldn't raise on a Jack high, and neither should the dealer. But the dealer does go in on a hand with a Queen or better in Tri Card Poker.

Without seeing any of the dealer’s cards, each round you’ll choose between two actions: Fold or Raise. These two options lead to four scenarios.

Tri Card Poker Scenario No. 1

You fold, forfeit your Ante and end the round.

Tri Card Poker Scenario No. 2

You Raise, the dealer qualifies, and you beat the dealer, winning a payout for your Ante bet and Raise bet.

Tri Card Poker Scenario No. 3

You Raise, the dealer doesn't qualify. You get paid for your Ante bet, and your Raise bet is returned as a push.

Tri Card Poker Scenario No. 4

You Raise, and end up tying the dealer. Your bet is returned as a push.

If you’ve already played Tri Card Poker, or Three Card Poker, you’ll appreciate that the new version has the same rules as the classic game. The upgrades are all about design and function, including a new, simple and intuitive user interface.

Playing older versions of Tri Card Poker on your phone can be challenging. The buttons are often small, the win chart is hard to read, and the screen doesn’t adapt to the different stages of the round. This new version has rectified these issues. It has a responsive design that’s ideal for desktop, mobile, and tablet.

A swipe upward makes the game full screen. There’s no longer a bar with chip denominations needlessly taking up space at the bottom of the screen. It’s just smart design for players who expect more out their table game experience.

Find out for yourself how superior this new version is by testing it out at your favorite US online casino like Bovada

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