Playing Online Keno at Bovada

If you like playing the lotto you will love Bovada Keno. Keno is a very popular and entertaining casino game with an intriguing and somewhat mysterious history. It is a lottery style game whereby you have to try and pick the winning numbers. The game of Keno is essentially the same. Whichever way you decide to play it. But we’ll be using The Bovada Keno game to explain how it’s played. Check out Bovada To See There Keno Games.

Selecting Bovada Keno Numbers

You can select up to 15 numbers out of 80 that is displayed on the board. Additionally the amount of numbers you can select on the Keno ticket varies from one casino to the next. Some let you pick 10, others 15 like Bovada online casino. Some let you pick 20 winning numbers. Obviously, the more numbers you choose, the harder it is to win. Furthermore if you do correctly guess all the numbers you’ll be jumping for joy. This is not to suggest you need to correctly choose all 15 numbers. It is up to you to decide how many numbers you want to pick.

Example Of Keno Payouts

  • 1 number: pays 3 credits.
  • 2 numbers: pays 15 credits.
  • 3 numbers: pays 45 credits.
  • 4 numbers: pays 155 credits.
  • 5 numbers: pays 850 credits.
  • 6 numbers: pays 2,000 credits.
  • 7 numbers: pays 8,000 credits.
  • 8 numbers: pays 30,000 credits.
  • 9 numbers: pays 50,000 credits.
  • 10 numbers: pays 100,000 credits, etc.

After choosing your numbers, you will then need to decide how much you would like to bet per game. This is found at the top right of the Keno card. Furthermore at Bovada Casino, the minimum amount you can bet is $0.01 and the maximum bet is $20.

Once the numbers and wager amount have been chosen, simply click on the “Play” button. Then a random number generator will then draw 20 of the 80 possible numbers. Your winnings depend on how many of your selected numbers match the winning numbers. The payout table is clearly displayed to the left of the game screen within the Bovada Casino client. There is no standardized payout table in Online Keno, just know that Bovada offers better keno payouts than most other casinos.

Enjoying Keno

Lots of keno players from around the United States enjoy this game. There is no strategy besides deciding how many numbers you’ll try and match. Secondly how many games you’d like to play. This will be influenced by your risk profile.

Low risk players playing online keno will want to match 1 or 2 numbers for more frequent smaller wins. Furthermore if you’re looking to win a significant amount of money playing keno you’ll want to try and match 5 to 15 numbers. The wins won’t occur as often when trying to pick more numbers, but when it occurs it will be a lot more impressive.

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