Bovada Video Poker Tips

Video poker is a game where the player can learn proper strategy by using Video Poker Tips. Players can also lower the house edge down to almost nothing. That doesn’t mean that there won’t be streaks of good luck and bad luck, so preparing for the variance of Bovada video poker will be as necessary as it is in all the other games of chance. You can use a Bovada Bonus Code on all Video Poker Games.

In order to hit the big hands on a Bovada video poker machine you have to be playing it.  Without proper bankroll management you won’t be playing the game half of the time that you could be because you’ll be broke. When you practice proper bankroll strategy you can afford to suffer losing streaks without busting out. In addition still be in the game when things turn back in your favor. Check out all the video poker games on Bovada

Video Poker Tips on Stakes

The first thing you have to figure out is what stakes you should be playing at. The house edge in this game is roughly 1% when played to optimum strategy. That means you can expect to lose one dollar for every $100 you wager. It doesn’t take long to wager $100 on a Bovada video poker machine when you’re losing and gaining credits every spin. If you wager $1000 every hour you can expect to lose $10 an hour. If your bankroll is $100 you won’t go very far with it unless you hit some big hands. You can expect to have 10 hours of playing time from your $100. You should have enough money to cover all the playing sessions in your week.


The bigger your bankroll, the longer the losing streak you can endure until you hit some big hands and win back a portion, or more, of what you lost. The near-to-even odds include that you, at some point, hit the big hands like the royal flush. In order to hit these hands you’ll need a bankroll that will keep you in the game long enough for that hand to come your way. The games are random, so the variance can be different for long periods of time. But in the long run you will eventually hit big hands for big payoffs, and all your efforts will be worth it. As long as you haven’t spent more than the jackpots you win, you’ll be to the good. Check out all the video poker games on Bovada

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