Are Specialty Games Worth Playing at US Casinos?

Join us as we explore what Bovada specialty games bring to the table and why they may be worth your time when playing at top casino sites. Most US online casinos like Bovada tend to carry an array of games neatly compartmentalized into genres. One of those will likely be so-called specialty games. These may also go by arcade games, instant win games, or even just “other” games. What are these games, and why are they less popular than slots or table games?

What Are Bovada Specialty Games?

Specialty games may be those titles that don’t fit neatly into other genres. However, they can also be online casino games that offer simple, instant win style action. For instance, lottery and number betting games such as bingo and keno are often classified as specialty games. So, too, are scratch cards and virtual horse racing titles, or virtual sports games in general.

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Some casinos even provide 50/50 games of chances that you can have a crack at, including variants of heads or tails. Together, these types of games make up the specialty titles you can find online. Some RTG casinos may indeed lump roulette games into the mix, but as we all know, this is a mistake – roulette is a table game.

Low-Pressure Action

One of the primary reasons why you might consider playing a specialty game is the ability to enjoy low-pressure action. The wagers seldom tend to rise high, and the game play is often relatively slow and won’t get your adrenaline pumping. Don’t mistake this to mean that specialty games are boring (although some may find them that). It simply means that you don’t have to keep tabs on as many things as you would if you were playing, say, table games.

Fixed Prizes

Another reason you might fancy your chances on specialty games is that it is abundantly clear what your odds of success are. Specialty games are sometimes known as fixed-odds titles because the payouts are clear before you bet. While slots and table games can mix things up, and you don’t have any sort of idea what the outcome of your spin or hand will be, specialty games are a lot simpler. For instance, in heads or tails, you will either win prizes worth 1:1, or you won’t.

A Touch on the Dull Side

Admittedly, not everybody loves specialty games. Some US players find them a touch dull, and we can understand that. They lack the excitement of triggering a free spin bonus or the thrill of realizing that the dealer has got nothing. However, you can always seek that kind of high-octane action by playing those games and utilizing specialty games’ calm, low-pressure nature to take a breather.

No Experience Necessary

Arguably the most appealing aspect of specialty games is that no experience is necessary. Unlike slots, you won’t have to study paytables. Nor will you have to consult strategy charts as in table games. Specialty games are pure games of chance. There is nothing you can do to improve your odds of success, and no experience is necessary. This makes them an exciting prospect for any newbie just starting at US casino sites.

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