Slot Bonus Game Features

There are lots of different Bovada Slot Bonus Game features which you will find triggering. These are awarded to you as and when you play the video slot games. The way in which they are awarded can vary, however most of them will require you to spin in a set of scatter type symbols. Additionally some slots require you to line up a row of matching bonus symbols before any bonus game is awarded.

We have listed some of the more commonly awarded bonus games below for you. Furthermore naming several different slots on which those bonus game can be awarded. Additionally the details of how they can be triggered.

Bovada Slot Bonus Game Features

Free Spins Bonus Games

There are hundreds of online slots that could award you with a free set of slot spins. First you have to spin in three or more scatter symbols anywhere in view. Do this when you are playing the base game of that respective slot.

Some slot games such as the NetEnt powered Evolution game will reward you with an increasing number of free spins. This depends on whether you spin in three, four or five spins. What makes this game particularly interesting is that when you spin in a winning combination during the free spins the reel symbols evolve. Meaning they change into the next highest paying symbol on the pay table.

Spin the Wheel Bonus Games

IGT Interactive have a collection of the most popular slot games featuring a wheel spinning bonus game and this is of course their Wheel of Fortune series of slots.

The slot bonus game when triggered will see you having to click on a Spin button and then watch as a wheel. Which is split up into different segments, each with a set of coins attached to each segment, is spun, and whichever segment is facing the winning arrow when the wheel stops is the amount of coins you will win!

Pick n Match Bonus Games

Microgaming have a range of Sneak a Peek slot games. These have a Pick n Match bonus game that is triggered when you line up a bonus symbol on any one of the first three visible positions on the first reel. Additionally another bonus symbol on the same position on reel five.

When this combination of bonus symbols has been achieved then a Pick n Win bonus game will begin to play out. You need to click on several different locations on an onscreen grid and by matching three symbols a set of coins is awarded, the more matching sets of three symbols you get the more you can win.

Pick to Win Bovada Slot Bonus Games

The Mummy slot game which is found in online casinos using Playtech software will be a perfect slot to play if you are looking for pick to win type bonus games. It in fact offers a large number of different slot machine bonus rounds which can be triggered when you are playing the base game.

A Pick to Win game is quite straight forward. When this kind of bonus game is awarded you simply have to pick off symbols or locations on the bonus screen. Once clicked they will then reveal a cash prize hiding underneath. Some bonus games of this type let you carry on picking until you reveal a Stop or similar type of symbol.

Gamble Bonus Games

Many players enjoy, at the completion of a low valued winning spin. Taking a double or nothing type gamble game, which many online slots offer. One set of slots which offer many different types of gamble game are found on the Betsoft Gaming Platform.

Here you will find slots such as Slots Angel. It offers you the option of trying to guess the outcome of a coin toss. Double the value of your winning spin if you guess correctly. Another slot game worthy of note is the Under the Bed slot. It offers you the chance to double any winning spin by guessing whether the outcome of three rolled dice will be odd or even!

Slots / Casino$2000SLOTS500Claim Bonus
Table Games$1000GAMES250Claim Bonus
Mobile$10 NDN/AClaim Bonus
Poker$1100N/AClaim Bonus
Sports$250None NeededClaim Bonus