New Single Deck Blackjack Game at Bovada

Single-Deck Blackjack is the most sought after blackjack game at Bovada. Immortalized in movies like 21, it offers solid odds in a quick and easy format. The newest version offers the same great features you’d expect in standard Single-Deck Blackjack, with a modern minimalist look. You can use a Bovada Table Game Bonus Code to play this game.

If you’ve played beforeyou’ll be familiar with the sleek blue background. But you can only play one hand at a time in this single deck BJ version. You’ll find $1, $5, $25 and $100 chips at the bottom of the screen for your betting purposes. Each round costs at least $25 and at the most $300. To place your bet, either drag the chips and drop them in the betting rectangle. Otherwise tap the chips and then tap the rectangle. Hit “Deal” to start a round. Play BJ at Bovada Now

For a more interactive basic game-play tutorial, click the “Learn More” option in the menu. This will take you through all the steps in a round. But if you’ve played blackjack before, you’ll likely be able to apply the same steps you’re familiar with to this user-friendly version

Learning Single Deck Blackjack

For those just learning the art of 21, the round starts with you and the dealer each receiving two-card hands; one of the dealer’s cards is visible. If the dealer’s up-card is an Ace, you’ll be offered insurance, which pays 2:1. It’s not compulsory, but it’s a nice way to offset the dealer getting a natural. The dealer must hit on soft 17, so any hand with an 11-point Ace that equals 17 points will result in the dealer hitting. For a full set of rules, check out the “Rules” section in the game’s collapsible menu.

The actions you can take include: Hit, Stand, Split, and Double. Clicking “Hit” gets you another card, “Stand” means you’re happy with your hand as it is, “Split” divides your two cards (they must be matching cards) into two individual hands, and “Double” doubles your wager and gets you one last card. Try a couple rounds on Practice Play until you get familiar with these actions.

Once you’re ready for Real Money US online casino play, you can expect to land a payout every time you get a hand closer to 21 than the dealer, without going over. The standard payouts are 1:1 for everything except landing a blackjack, which pays 3:2, and insurance, which pays 2:1. Now that you’ve got the basics covered, go conquer the virtual felt on your mobile or tablet. Play BJ at Bovada Now

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